REVA Fulfillment
Rebate Fulfillment / Rebate Marketing Solutions

Rebate Fulfillment / Rebate Marketing, is a specialized fulfillment / marketing service that is widely used in the USA. Rebates are an effective process for introducing new products to the marketplace and supporting sales of current offerings. REVA makes a specialty of the rebate fulfillment process to help you boost sales, satisfy your customers, and attract prospects.

REVA Fulfillment makes rebates or fulfillment smooth and easy for you and your customers. We offers a turnkey system to manage the entire rebate process on high-value, high-volume items. Every operational step is covered.

REVA Fulfillment handles it all from printing and distributing rebate forms to issuing checks and gift cards. Every rebate form is checked for accuracy before it is validated. Records are meticulously maintained, transparent, and always accessible. Data is collected for ongoing marketing activity and future customer contact. We even cover related redemption processes.

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